Land Record Fees
Hopkins County Clerk
The Land Records Department  is responsible for legal documents which are filed as public
records. Documents are maintained from 1807 to present. Document indexes are available
from 1896, Plats are available back to 1860 and Marriage Licenses are available back to 1807.
Records are available for viewing in two formats, digitized and stored on computers and Books.
Very old records are stored on micro-film  and maintained by the Historical Society.

Real estate records that are available include: deeds, name changes, mechanics liens,
mortgages, powers of attorney, wills, corporations, tax liens, military discharges, trademarks,
charitable gaming registrations, assignments, releases, marriages, and delinquent property
taxes. Security Agreement (uniform commercial code and title lien statements) and related
indexes are maintained and made available. Filing fees and document particulars for the most
frequently filed documents available online.
Records are located and may be viewed at:
24 Union Street
Madisonville, Ky 42431
(270) 821-7361
Hours Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Records      (270) 821-7361 ext 210, 211, 215
Delinquent Tax (270) 821-7361- ext 225
Affidavit of Descent, Affidavit of Heirship
Affidavit of Real Property Transfer or Interstate
Affidavit to Correct Deed
Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors,
Bankruptcy Deed, Deed of Assignment
Assignment of Personal Property
Assignment of Rents and Leases
Condominium Deed
Declaration of Trust
Deed of Correction
Deed of Restrictions or Covenants
Environmental Covenant
Land Contract, Land Purchase Contract,
Contract for Deed
Marital Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement,
Antenuptial Agreement
Master Deed
Option Agreement
Power of Attorney
Quick Claim Deed
Revocation of Power of Attorney
Document Recording Fees
Records that are recorded and maintained
by the Hopkins County Clerk
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